Why Hire Our Shuttle Charter Bus Services?

Growth in our Pacific Northwest communities brings traffic congestion. MTRWestern works with many of the top companies in Washington and Oregon to develop and implement innovative solutions that ease congestion. Whether it’s a parking lot shuttle or a “last-mile” solution we work with diverse organizations to make workers’ lives easier, and to deliver on our vision: to transform the way people move.

Transportation Planning   MTRWestern’s extensive experience in transportation planning services is a value add for both private and public sector clients. As the first step in every engagement, we conduct a strategic evaluation of our client goals, system performance and complementary transportation networks. We then use robust analytics to explore and test solutions that achieve winning outcomes for our clients and the guests they serve. Our planners have years of experience working on trend-setting transportation programs around the world, programs that benefit end users and also help reduce area congestion. This expertise saves our clients time and money through every stage of their transportation plan.

Corporate Commute Solutions   Whether we’re implementing a robust campus shuttle system, a multi-modal commute solution, or an on-demand shuttle in an existing multi-modal network, our success requires more than great planning and seamless operations. We win when our clients win. And that requires enticing employees and guests out of Single Occupancy Vehicles and into campus shuttles and multi-modal transit options. Our professional and service-oriented drivers, state-of-the art app technology and integrated communications systems make the difference between great and good.

Transit Partnerships   We partner with local municipalities across the Northwest to develop integrated public-private transportation solutions that benefit the greater public. Transit authorities in Oregon and Washington have engaged us to manage portions of their transit operations or pilot new routes where needed. This work enables us to serve a wide variety of riders, including: senior citizens on shopping trips, Amtrak travelers traveling from one station to the next, tourists seeking destination or local attraction shuttles and “last-mile” commute solutions for routes underserved by transit. MTRWestern is committed to working with transit to help get people from Point A to Point B in ways that reduce congestion and improve the overall experience for riders.

On-Campus Shuttles   MTRWestern runs reliable employee commute and on-demand shuttles for leading organizations in major metropolitan areas across Washington and Oregon. Our clients depend on us for dependable and timely service, delivered with precision and high attention to detail. We also provide shuttle services to universities to help transport students conveniently in and around their campuses.

Innovation   MTRWestern’s corporate commute team of expert planners, innovative technologists, seasoned marketers and proven operations specialists consistently pushes to explore new ways to do our jobs better.  This is the commitment we give our clients and a large reason we’ve seen this segment of our business grow so dramatically over the past few years. 


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