Charter Bus Services in Spokane, WA


"We were shown red carpet treatment while traveling on one of MTRWestern's luxurious motor coaches. They delivered top-notch service for our group event. I would recommend MTRWestern to anyone who is tasked with making group travel arrangements as they are simply the best in the business." 

Spokane is a vibrant, urban center with a strong sense of community and local pride. Our team is proud of the deep roots we have vested in the community and of our local business ties in the area. MTRWestern offers customized transportation packages ensuring a safe, reliable and enjoyable travel experience for you and your guests.

We partner with local community and convention centers, tourism and travel associations, and serve a range of clients that includes school districts and collegiate athletic programs, military services, weddings and special events. As a travel partner, it is our goal to create deep-rooted relationships with our clients and that is why we focus so heavily on your satisfaction and delivering your passengers to where they need to go, safely and on time.

Do you need to transport groups on a regular basis? We also focus on specialized needs for businesses and can craft employee transportation programs and construction shuttles reducing your bottom line while creating healthy work environments for your staff.

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Lilly Levitt, Sales Manager


5815 W. Thorpe Rd
Spokane, WA 99224                                                                                                            



"MTRWestern feels more like a family than any company I've worked for - ever!"

Spokane Driver

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